Aloha Bath Fizzy

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2 reviews for Aloha Bath Fizzy

  1. Victoria Boring (verified owner)

    A really sweet and pineapple-y soak! It smells like the best version of candies pineapple and citrus and makes for a really lovely bath. The sent lasts through the whole bath (usually an hour for me) and the oils in it are so moisturizing it’s unreal! The scent stays for a while after you get out and it’s so sweet and refreshing I can’t stop smelling myself!

  2. Mariah M Steevens

    This bath bomb is so fruity and sweet! my skin is feeling much better since the oils and so moisturized! The best part is that you smell so good after so i definitely recommend this one and the rest of them! I am from Indiana so i am not in the area a lot. I am buying more in the future!

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